Camac Mademoiselle & Folk/Lever Gut String Tension

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    rosey-brumm on #155454

    I wish to buy this model however I cannot play pedal weight tension due to muscle weakness. I had a Troubadour VI and it was not possible to play without injury. When I changed the strings to L & H specifications and put Bow lever Strings on, had it regulated, the sound was too different for me. It lacked depth of resonance and sustain.
    Does anyone have the Mademoiselle with the medium tension they offer called English Gut?
    On Camac’s string chart they have an * indicating the pedal gut tension is the preferred option which does not make me feel confident. They also seem to be slow on mail answering my Dealers requests.
    Being in Australia we are rather a long way from everywhere and it costs-a-lotta buying harps.
    I would be interested in anyones experience and information, suggestions.
    Many thanks

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