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    martin-solomon on #164510

    Can anyone describe how to tie the knot in order to secure a new string on my nylon-strung Camac Melusine?

    Each string is tied around a small piece of wooden dowel and I want to duplicate the way that the others are tied.


    Martin Solomon

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164511

    Awhile back during a discussion on Harplist, a poster asked this information. I volunteered that I had just received a diagram when I purchased my Camac strings. I faxed it to him so he could see it. He made “improvements” on it — not sure what he did or how it is improved. I could figure out the knot from the original drawing that came with the strings, but here is a link to what he posted:



    erin-wood on #164512

    I have been told there is a video of

    Victor Ortega on #164513

    The booklet “Fun From the First!” volume I by Sam Milligan has a page on tying the knots on harp strings.

    jennifer-buehler on #164514

    There’s also a knot tying diagram in Sylvia Woods “Teach Yourself to play Folk Harp”.

    tony-morosco on #164515

    Like Victor I learned to tie the knot using Fun From the First. Very good diagrams that make it very clear.

    I don’t know if that diagram is different from how Camac’s diagram is, but in the end it is relatively irrelevant. I am sure there are several different ways to tie a knot and I doubt that any has any significant advantage, and see no reason to learn a whole new way. So I tie the knots on my Camac exactly like I tie the knots on my Lyon and Healy. I have never had a problem as a result of that.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164516

    Apparently not, Erin. I thought so too. I was shown how to tie a harp knot for my L&H Troubadour by my teacher, but the knots on the Camac harps are different. Some people are saying they just use the same harp knot on all their harps, but I just wanted to tie the knot the same way the Camac harp came.


    Victor Ortega on #164517

    I found a video on tying harp string knots on

    It shows the typical two-loop (one through the other) approach, the same as on the “Fun From the First!” booklet and on that other URL I posted.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #164518

    I have been looking after a student’s Camac harp this summer, and after three fruitless attempts to use my old Lyon-Healy knot-tying technique, I have to agree; the Camac system requires a different knot. Thank heavens for Harp Column!

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