Camac Harps with Short Decay

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    Rachael Rosenbaum on #226306

    Hello, all! If anyone here has experience with Camac’s lever harps, I would really appreciate their weighing in. I am considering trading in my current harp for a Camac. I would like to try a harp with a shorter sound decay, and good dynamic range. Which model(s) would be best for me to try, bearing these criteria in mind?

    wil-weten on #226307

    For many years I owned a previous model of the Camac Mademoiselle and now I own a Camac Excalibur. I also own two harps of other makes.

    I love Camac harps. The ones I know have a good dynamic range.

    As to ‘shorter sound decay’, in theory, the heavier the string tension, the shorter the decay. I looked at some previous messages of you and you have (or had) a Salvi Livia and a Grand Harpsicle. The Salvi Livia has folk tension gut strings and the Harpsicle has nylon strings.
    So, you may be looking for a Camac lever harp with pedal gut strings (also called concert tension strings) like the Camac Korrigan or the Camac Mademoiselle, or concert tension carbon strings (Camac Isolde Classic) or a tension between concert tension and celtic tension (Camac Excalibur).

    Yet, I can only advise you to try all Camac Lver harps, as some may feel better while you sit behind it and sound nicer than others. It’s extremely important to sit comfortably behind the harp in order to prevent back aches and other kinds of discomfort.

    I just saw that in one of your earlier messages several years ago, you were interested in an Aziliz with heavy string tension. Unfortunately, you will have to contact the Camac shop to order one specially strung with heavy tension as the levers would need to be adapted to the thicker strings.

    Edit: by the way, you may like to try the L&H’s lever harps as well. They all have a short decay and a good dynamic range.

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    Rachael Rosenbaum on #226325

    Wow, I’m impressed with all of the research you did on my harps! Thanks so much for the thorough response! Definitely helpful.

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