Camac Electric DHC 32

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    I just purchased a Camac Electric DHC 32. I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me what type of venue you would use this harp for or what styles of music you could use it for? I purchased it to practice on because I was told it had a lighter tension.

    Could you use it for background music in a restaurant or would you use an acoustic harp for that?

    Also, if someone could recommend the correct amplifier. I have tried many that have too much reverb. Last night I tried a pedal plugged in that actually dampened the sound so that the notes would not sustain so long.

    If I was thinking of doing some busking with a looper would this harp work better than an acoustic harp with a pick up like a Grand Harpsicle?

    Lastly, for those of you who own the Camac, does the tension of the strings get lighter with use? The tension seems tighter than my Dusty. One harpist told me to take a felt tip guitar pick and play glissandos up and down to break the harp in and that will loosen the tension.

    Looking forward to hearing all your advise.

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    I am sorry Robin, but I very much doubt the tension of these Alliance Savarez carbon harp strings of the harp will get substantially lighter. I don’t have a Camac 32DHC, but I do have experience with Alliance Savarez strings and though they will stretch and stretch in the beginning, I never got the feeling this lessened the tension.

    Frankly, I am surprised this expensive harp was advised to you because of its so called light tension. There are several other Camac harps with really light tension if that’s what you were looking for. See the other thread in which you asked for advice because of your tendonitis problem:

    The advice you got or playing glissando’s with a felt guitar tip to loosen the tension, surprises me a lot.

    Your Dusty probably has nylon strings. Nylon strings feel and sound different from carbon strings. Carbon strings are significantly thinner than nylon strings with the same tension and they may have a bit of a different texture.

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