camac clio?

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    unknown-user on #167978

    I want to buy a smaller harp for transporting and to have in our house in
    hungary (we live in vienna most of the time but we spend the weekend in
    hungary) and it’s very difficult to transport my slaiv aurora sometimes. so we’re
    considering getting a smaller harp just so I can practice in the holidays and
    weekends when we drive down there. I’m consdiering a camac clio because
    price-wise it’s not at all axpensive. (44 strings narrow body) from one harp
    shop in germany it would only cost

    Julie Knox on #167979

    The Camac Clio is a great little harp!

    unknown-user on #167980

    Hey Katrina!
    I LOVE the Camac Clio! It is one of my most favourite harps, and I highly recommend it to you. I agree that it is a good harp for the money. I like that it is much lighter and cheaper than other pedal harps, but that is still has such an amazing sound.
    Yes, it has a double pedal mechanism, and the pedals work very smoothly and quietly. Good luck and enjoy.

    unknown-user on #167981

    thanks for you quick replies! I was at first worried it might have “simple pedal”
    mechanism like a tirolean harp, because it’s so cheap. Well, it’ll probably be
    another 6 months or more before I have enough money saved up for it. well
    something to aim for!

    tony-morosco on #167982

    The Clio is a great harp, and I would have considered it myself except it is too small for me to play comfortably. But I am definitly going with a Camac harp next. They are great.

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