Camac Bardic 27 versus other travel harps?

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    wil-weten on #71226

    I would like to see the Camac Bardic with 27 strings compared to other travel harps in terms of sound (mellow or bright etc), loudness, string tension, construction, etc.

    Who was able to test several travel harps and is willing to share their experiences?

    mahtab mosavibarab on #71227

    Hi Wil
    I have a Camac Madmoiselle 40 strings and it has a lovely sound. a friend of mine bought a Camac bardic 27 for her daughter and she is very satisfied with it. I also post a video of Bardic so you can here it your self.

    good luck.

    wil-weten on #71228

    Thank you, Mahtab. Yes, the youtube movie is great.

    I was not able to find other movies with a Camac Bardic 27, although this type of harp has been on the market for some years now.

    Somehow there are many more people playing a Dusty Ravenna 26 or Dusty PH26 on Youtube.

    Apart from the youtube movie of Salvi on its new Salvi Juno with 27 strings (introduced in September 2010), there don’t seem to be other recordings yet.

    The newest model of travel harps I found, was a Triplett Shanti harp of 28 strings. I haven’t found any recording of it, yet.

    And then there are of course all the travel harps made by local builders…

    So, lots and lots of choices… Anyway, I hope there are people who tried both the Camac Bardic 27 and other travel harps who are willing to share their experiences.

    elena-bittasi on #71229

    I have played both Ravenna 26 and Camac Bardic: I think that Ravenna has a better sound in the lower range while Bardic has a sweeter and more interesting sound in the upper range. String tension is very good in both. The Bardic is a little heavier but more ‘compact’ than Ravenna. I haven’t played Salvi’s Juno, but according to the builder’s video, the sound isn’t so good…

    kreig-kitts on #71230

    That little guy has a nice voice for something like a Ren Faire. Hmmm, might be a nice consideration for a busking harp too.

    meng xiao on #71231

    I have to mention the Aoyama Soul series – 25S and 29S. They are both small enough for travel and sound brilliant. This is the video I found on youtobe about the 25S. Hope this helps.

    sherry-lenox on #71232

    I heard the Triplett Shanti at Somerset and liked it very much. It has a very pleasant sound and plenty of dynamic variation.

    deb-l on #71233

    I really like the sound of the Camac Bardic.

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