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    unknown-user on #163956

    Does anyone have an idea about how much do camac baby blue and camac
    electroharp cost? I visited the web site but they don’t give any info
    about the prices…

    tony-morosco on #163957

    Camac does not sell direct in the States, which is why you will not find prices on their website. You must go through one of their licensed distributors. The two I am familiar with are the Virginal Harp Center in, of course, Virginia. And Harps Unlimited International with offices in Connecticut, New York and Los Angeles.

    The price of the 30 String electro harp is $3550, and the price of the 36 string electroharp is $4170. That should include a heavy-duty soft case.

    I have one being delivered next week from Harps Unlimited International. I played one about a year ago and started saving for it the next day. I have been dealing with Peter at the CT office. He has been extremely helpful and accommodating and I would highly recommend them. Their web site is –

    unknown-user on #163958

    Yes, Peter is a very good person!


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