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    Do you have strong preferences for buying single sheets of music or collections of pieces? What is the price range you consider reasonable for each?


    As I have said before “A fool and her money…..”. I have bought REAMS of music since I began learning the harp.

    I buy collections AND individual pieces. I think I lean towards collections because as I learn the pieces I can see the process of my growth as a player.

    My price limit depends on how much I love the piece and how close I am to being able to play it.

    Misty Harrison

    For myself I buy whatever I need whether it’s a piece in a collection or a single piece. For students it’s another thing entirely. Some of my students have parents who will buy a book as soon as I tell them to get it. A lot of them though are rather hard pressed and expect that whatever book they get should be enough for a long time. So for most of my students I like individual pieces because then I can give the parents a list of things to purchase once or twice a year and the pieces don’t cost as much as the book so I can probably write down one book of pieces plus a few separate solos whereas I know the parents will only show up with some of the things I’ve asked having been purchased if I write down several books because of cost. Therefore it’s helpful if I can get solos separately because otherwise these students won’t be playing those solos.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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