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    unknown-user on #167176

    Hello all!

    I am a sorta new harpest. I played off and on for a year, and now, about two years later, I’m picking up harp again. I’m 17, and live in Kansas City.

    My question is, should I buy a harp or continue renting for $50 a month? I’m renting a little lever harp, and in time I’d like to move up to a pedal harp. Any advice would be awesome. 🙂

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #167177

    This is a very subjective question….individualistic depending upon financial situation, personal desires and future plans. Personally, as one who just started on harp but has a master’s degree in music, I wasn’t too pleased with the lever harp and wanted to move immediately to a pedal harp. Fortunately, I had gotten a really REALLY cheap deal on a good old Troubadour. Unfortunately, the levers weren’t much good anymore. Fortunately, my ears work well enough to retune a lot. Unfortunately (or fortunately, actually), I was taking lessons from a major city’s symphony harpist, and I needed to move up to a pedal harp rather quickly. I was advised to get the best I could afford, and I did. I couldn’t be happier.

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