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    So I’ve been studying the harp for 7 years and have owned a Camac Athena for 5, and I am now ready to upgrade to the Atlantide Prestige. I have a few people who are interested in purchasing my Athena so I am pretty excited this is going to actually happen.

    However, I am also nervous as I will have to order this harp and I am concerned that it will be a quality instrument. I trust Camac and I know that the Prestige is an excellent instrument. But I know that instruments can sometimes vary from instrument to instrument even within the same model. This often based on the individual player. Since I won’t be able to fly to France I have to trust that they will select an instrument for me.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the ordering a harp unseen? Is the Prestige pretty safe that it will be an excellent harp? I’ve played the Prestige so I know that is sounds great.

    Your insights would be helpful.


    Philippa mcauliffe

    What instructions are you giving them?


    Thank you for your reply, it is very helpful. I was originally requesting a particular finish but have always said that it is not the major decision factor. I think I will be even more specific that I want to select the harp for it’s quality not it’s look. I don’t have a friend who can go down and make a recording. I wonder if I can arrange something similar with Camac.

    What instructions can I tell them?

    My top priorities are playability. How well does the harp respond? Sound quality. Is it bright, full and warm? However, those are pretty subjective and open to individual interpretation.

    I am working through a US dealer but I might contact Camac directly.

    Evelyn Tournquist

    Do you live in the US?


    Or else go to the World Harp Congress in Vancouver in July if you’re in the western part of the country.



    Thank you for your responses. My plans were definitely to go the Vancouver show becuase that’s right out my area. But yesterday I had a buyer come in and pay for my current harp in cash! It throws

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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