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    unknown-user on #168124

    Hy! I’m searching for a second hand (or even third hand) and cheap
    harp to study! Is there someone who would have one to sell?

    Rachel on #168125

    Some websites to try for used harps (for your own happiness, please avoid the Pakistani/carved rosewood harps on e-bay; they have very poor tone, awful levers.

    unknown-user on #168126

    Hello David

    I have just seen your question and wondered if the following would be of interest to you…



    unknown-user on #168127

    does pam still have her harp for sale? I , too, am looking for a second hand harp. tan

    unknown-user on #168128

    I saw your ad and I am also in need of a harp, so if you by any chance get more then one harp I would be more then happy to take it off your hands if you need me to. If you by any chance want to sell it to me for a very cheap amount I will gladly buy it from you. Oh, and you might want to check your first word it doesn’t make much sense! Tell me about it!

    Girl in need of harp!

    P.S. What state do you live in?

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