Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto

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    Victoria on #195991

    Dear harpists, I was wondering if anyone has a copy of the harp part or this (arr. He Zhan Hao & Chen Gang)? The one on IMSLP does not seem to have the harp part. Thanks very much in advance.

    Sylvia on #195993

    Sorry, I don’t have it.  I’m wondering what orchestra is playing this piece.  Your info doesn’t list your city.

    Sylvia on #196022

    My previous post isn’t helpful, but I see it didn’t show up out there.  I’ll try again.

    Victoria on #196027

    It’s ok Sylvia. A friend of mine apparently have a copy of the full score, so I can just write it out from that even though it can be a bit of a work.

    Sylvia on #196028

    But I’m still wondering what orchestra is playing it.

    MusikFind1 on #196038

    The Butterfly Lovers’ Violin Concerto was written in 1959 by two Chinese composers, He Zhanhao (born 1933) and Chen Gang (born 1935). Both are alive and the work is under Copyright Worldwide.

    The score is for sale while the parts are on rental from HNH International Ltd. /Naxos. The only legal parts can be rented by the orchestra librarian from:  HNH International Limited (Naxos’ parent company) and Universal Music Publishing who are the legitimate joint publisher of this work. Any enquires on this composition should be sent to the following address and email address:
    Artaria Editions/ HNH International Ltd/ Naxos Digital Services Ltd.

    Level 11, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong
    Mail: info@naxos.com.hk
    Website: http://www.naxos.com.hk

    Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto by He Zhanhao, born in Hajiasham village, Zhuji, Zhejiang province, August 29, 1933 and Chen Gang, b. Shanghai, 10 March, 1935.
    Composition written [1959]
    Chinese Title= Liang Zhu Xiao Ti Qin Xie Zou Qu) [also listed as Liang Shan-Bo and Zhu Ying-Tai]
    Instrumentation: Solo Violin — 2-2-2-2 — 4-2-3-0 — tmp, 3 perc (Gu Ban, Cym, Tam-tam) — hp, pno — str.
    [The parts posted on IMSLP are being research for any copyright violation]
    From Johnson String Instruments: https://www.johnsonstring.com/catalog/sheet-music-and-books
    Butterfly Lovers Concerto; He/Chen; Violin/Piano; (the publication notes are in Chinese). The violin part and the piano part are both computer engraved. $20.00
    Butterfly Lovers Concerto; He/Chen; Study Score; out of stock, on import only $40.00 [price subject to change]
    This concerto is now often performed with Chinese instruments playing the violin solo part, the most common being Erhu, Pipa and Liuqin. The orchestration is different for those solo instruments.

    Victoria on #196051

    Well actually it’s only my local church’s group of musician, for the monthly performance…so not a real professional orchestra.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #196080

    When will they get the part for you? It’s not difficult, but the counting can be a bit tricky. The harp part is beautiful, very important and exposed. Ask them if they can get it for you and let you have a look at the score so that you can see what the rest of the orchestra is doing.

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