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    Sid Humphreys

    I’m looking to obtain the harp part to this score. Has anyone here played this piece? Any pearls of wisdom to share?


    I don’t have the score with me, but the harp parts are not difficult at all for this piece.


    He & Chen: “The Butterfly Lovers” violin concerto and orchestra.
    [Orchestra parts on rental only from Naxos Hong Kong]

    1.The Violin/Piano reduction is for sale.
    2.The Full conductor score is [was?] for sale.
    3.The Full orchestra version parts are only on rental from the publisher, Naxos/HNH International Ltd.

    Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto by He Zhan Hao (a.k.a. Ho ZhanHao) and Chen Gang (a.k.a. Chen Kung). (1959) dur 27′ (Title= Liang Zhu Xiao Ti Qin Xie Zou Qu or Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yintai)

    The instrumentation is: 2-2-2-2 – 4-2-3-0 – timp, 3 perc(Gu Ban,Cym,Tam-tam), hp, piano, strings, solo Violin (The percussion includes a part for Gu Ban, two Chinese instruments which can be played on woodblocks)
    From: Klaus Heymann
    Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004
    Mr. Nieweg:
    HNH International Ltd. is the publisher for the 50% of the Butterfly Lovers that belong to Chen Gang. We just published a new score and parts and can sell the score and rent the parts … we will pay the other publisher, Universal Music Publishing, the 50% belonging to Ho Zhan Hao.
    Klaus Heymann
    [CEO Naxos Records]
    From Johnson Strings a USA dealer:
    11 John Street – Newton Centre, MA 02459, 617-964-0954, 800-359-9351

    [This dealer, as can any other dealer, will import the violin/piano edition and the full score.]
    Butterfly Lovers Concerto; Chen/He [Violin/Piano] (the publication notes are in Chinese, the program notes in English, printed in China. The violin/piano parts are computer engraved.
    Chen/He Butterfly Lovers Concerto; Chen/He #SMP $20.00

    From the web site:The Butterfly Lovers Concerto, composed in 1959 and said to be the most recorded music in China, is based on melodies derived from an operatic tale of star-crossed lovers. Printed in China, this lovely concerto is scored for violin with accompaniment transcribed for piano.

    Butterfly Lovers Concerto; Chen/He; SCORE [Full Orchestra Version Score]
    The score is printed, copyright date of 1979, has the following English on the title page;
    Liang Shan-Bo and Zhu Ying-Tai; violin concerto with orchestra (score); Ho Zhan Hao, Chen Kang.
    $24.00 [This is no longer listed by Johnson Strings and may now be on rental only]
    There is no evidence of “a revision” in these sources. The Naxos rental parts have minor differences when compared to the piano edition and the printed full score.

    Contact for rental of the orchestra parts or to buy the Violin and piano reduction if it is not available from a dealer in the U.S:
    Amanda Lai
    Naxos Digital Services Limited
    Level 11, Cyberport 1,
    100 Cyberport Road,
    Hong Kong
    Tel: +852 2993-5649
    Fax:+852 2989-9181
    Edith Lei, Managing Director
    Telephone: (852) 2760-7818
    Fax: (852) 2989-9181

    Sid Humphreys

    Thank you so much for this. Looks like I will just have to wait to get the part then! It really saves me the anguish of looking and looking only to find it isn’t available for sale. You’ve saved me from hours of searching.

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