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    heidi-beran–2 on #133190

    Does anyone have a business liability policy for performing? And would you trust it to cover your instrument as well?

    I currently have a business liability policy through State Farm, and even though it’s a rather reasonable rate ($325 per year), I only “need” it for one event. (It’s required where I’ve been holding my student recital once a year.) I do a fair bit of freelancing and have a private studio of around 10-12 students at any given time. I have used Anderson for harp insurance and have been very satisfied, though have never needed to use it. It seems as though the Business Liability policy covers business equipment (the harps and accessories). I know not to use a rider on a homeowners policy for instrument insurance, but any experience if this would be different?

    Thanks for your thoughts and input!

    catherine-rogers on #133586

    I believe business liability just protects you in case someone is injured by your equipment (example: tripping over your extension cord) or slips and falls in your home, that kind of thing. It’s to protect your assets in case someone sues you, not your equipment. If you’re a pro and haul your stuff to jobs, that’s what Anderson insures: your harp and related tools. Someone correct me if I have that wrong.

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