Business Cards, Websites and Promoting Yourself

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    Harper Cait on #150502

    So, how do you guys generally promote yourselves? Do you have websites? Business cards? Other methods?

    What do you put on your business cards?

    Just wondering!

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #150503

    All of the above. Your business cards should have your name, contact info, your degree(s), any schools or orchestras you work for regularly, maybe a catchy phrase describing what you do, and some eye-catching graphic design. You can google this topic and get a lot more advice on the Internet. Look at other musicians’ web sites to get ideas of what you would like on yours. Always bring some of your business cards with you everywhere you go, even if you can’t imagine needing them. Go to harp conferences and get to know your colleagues. Organize harp events in your home town. See if you can teach through a local music store or school. The American Federation of Musicians publishes a newspaper which features columns on self-promotion. If you are a member of the AFM, I am sure you can ask for back issues.

    Miriam Shilling on #150504

    And I recommend Vistaprint for your business cards, brochures, postcards, etc.

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