Bruch Scottish Fantasie

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    rebekah-atkinson on #192338

    I’m working on the Bruch Scottish Fantasie and was wondering if anyone has helpful practicing ideas they could share with me to play those fast huge chords cleanly and strongly in the 4th movement (especially the opening phrases
    )? Thanks very much!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #192428

    You can leave out notes in the left hand that double other notes. If the chord is c-g-c-e, you can leave out the upper c so you can play 421, for the upper c sounds already as an overtone from the lower c. Otherwise, it’s just quite a work-out and that’s why the harpist often sits up front by the violin soloist.

    rebekah-atkinson on #193038

    Thanks for you input, I appreciate your suggestions!

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