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    Sid Humphreys

    This past Sunday at church, an individual in a wheelchair came too close to my harp. I felt a little nudge but didn’t think much of it until I got home and realized that the wheelchair left a ding in the bronzing on the base of my harp. L&H used to sell a bronze touch up but they don’t anymore that I know of. Any suggestions? I’d really like to keep the harp looking its best even though it’s almost 20 years old now (this is the first mishap on the bronze)!




    Sid, other than checking whether other harpmaking companies could supply that bronze touch-up you need, another source might be the specialists who work with museums to repair or touch up elaborate picture frames of gold or bronze tones. Large antique establishments would know of gilders who touch up their damaged goods, and large art supply stores might carry the materials as well.


    The problem to be aware of is that bronze and indeed gold come in so many different shades that getting an exact match is likely to depend on how much effort you are willing to put in – I own at lest three lots of bronze powder, which are subtly different shades.


    > I think L&H’s bronzed harps were painted rather than leafed

    I’m pretty sure they use regular bronzing powders.


    You might look for a gilder or antiques restorer who could patch in the damaged area with bronze powders and then tone it to match the surrounding area.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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