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    Josiah hahaha on #111590

    So i just returned home today to find two broken strings on the harp. I had a new string for my first octave g, but I did not have my string for my second octave b. Would a second octave d work as well as a second octave b string.

    PS this is on my camac pedal harp


    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #111591

    I wouldn’t do that. Just order another string and have it shipped overnight.

    unknown-user on #111592

    I’d say that 2nd A would be a better match, until the B arrives. D might be too loose and twangey.

    What model Camac do you

    Josiah hahaha on #111593

    Well I already changed it and it seems fine. I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. I have a Camac Atlantide Prestige

    patricia-jaeger on #111594

    Josiah, broken strings will happen, so you really need to have spares on hand, but not necessarily the whole set. Order all octaves of

    Fairy Reel on #111595

    Love it! Cool! My mom has been freaking out about what spares we should order. Usually my C’s, D’s and F’s break. Good to know!

    unknown-user on #111596

    If you leave a broken string unreplaced for even a day, you risk having the adjacent string break from increased strain. This is not well-known, but proven by experience. It is usually best to use the string one note lower if necessary. I always save usable strings after taking them off for emergency replacements. I recommend doing so. If your C’s and F’s break consistently, and sooner than the other strings, there is something wrong with your harp, probably a mechanical adjustment of some kind that is needed.

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