Broken Pedal–Repair Question

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    Rosanna Nunan on #196885

    Hello everyone,

    Today the mechanism for the F pedal on my Venus cherub pedal harp seemed to break or become loose. I don’t know anything about pedal harp repair and I live in a somewhat remote area (Geneva, NY: 45 minutes southeast of Rochester). I have attached a picture. The spring that engages with the F pedal flips UP when I put it in the sharp position instead of staying next to the horizontal bar like the other springs, causing it to hit the wood above and get stuck, making an awful grating noise against the wood. Is this spring something that needs to be replaced? How dire of a repair will this be in terms of cost or finding someone who knows how to do it? Thanks for your input.


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    Deette Bunn on #196888

    Contact Paul Knoke, a harp repairman, in Rochester, NY who could probably fix it for you (You can find him easily on FB or via Google). Feel free to email me if you need further assistance via the Syracuse chapter of the AHS.

    carl-swanson on #196889

    I agree. Paul is the person to contact. The problem, as you describe it, is that the spring stud-the post that one arm of the spring is attached to- got bent, causing the spring to flip towards the body that way. The solution is to carefully bend the stud in the opposite direction.  But you don’t want to break the stud, or loosen it where it is screwed into the wood. So call Paul. You don’t want to fool with this.

    Rosanna Nunan on #196893

    Okay, thank you. I will contact him.


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