Broken gut harp strings

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    prit on #185044

    hello all

    very nice forum with lots of helpful posts….

    I am not a harp player but I am doing some work with broken strings and I was wondering if anyone has any broken gut harp strings I’d be happy to have them…I can pay some money for it….

    my question is if anyone has broken strings number 29-32-34 that is 60cm or more kindly let me know please…..

    thanks a lot in advanced


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #185048

    I am about to change strings on my pedal harp and my troubadour, so I could have plenty of 4th and 5th octave strings for you, not broken, though, but I will cut them in taking them off.

    prit on #185051

    Hello Saul

    you are great….please let me know how many strings you have, if you are going to cut them and have a choice of where you cut them from then please leave them as long as possible….

    please let me know how much you’d want for it…. i will pay for the postage of course
    thanks a lot


    prit on #185204

    Hello all….

    I am mainly looking for strings that players throw away so if anyone here has any strings please let me know….. I can pick them up around Nrothampton or send a prepaid envelope so you just have to drop it in the letter box…

    thanks a lot


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