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    unknown-user on #166775

    I’m currently in the middle of transcring and learning Fantasie Impromptu for the harp. Transcribing is the easy part… but playing it can be quite difficult. A great deal of the piece is fast broken chords in the right hand. The majority of these follow the pattern 4123 (and i need to be able to accent 4 or 1 depending where i am in the piece) going at 160-170 quarter notes per minute. (give or take a little) Any suggestions on speeding up my right hand? I seemed to have reached a limit because my write hand can play any given chord much fast than necessary but i cannot replace fast enough. Has anyone encountered this before?

    Fairy Reel on #166776

    Hey Sam,

    I’ve been working on the Salzedo Excercises, and they are great, with several excercises to strengthen your fingers to work seperately and together. I’d really reccomend getting that book–it’s called Salzedo Technique or Excercises or something. Most harp stores seem to have it, and it is definitely available online.


    zoraida-avila on #166777

    I recommend daly training of your right hand with Larivière’s the Theme Nº 2, Variation 9th. Play by memory and watch over the position and articulation of your hand; place the fingers in order they will play.
    Take the methronome and increase your tempo graduately.
    Good luck.


    Fairy Reel on #166778

    Salzedo Conditioning Exercises! I remembered the name! They have helped me loads…well, good luck!

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