bringing harp outside today!

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    deb-l on #103700

    Even better than the daffodils in bloom, one of my favorite things about spring, love playing my harp on the patio, I can hear the brook and birds tweeting.

    susan-koskelin on #103701

    I did something crazy last week-end. We were having a garage sale Fri and Sat. Since the weather was so perfect, and I was bored to tears by Saturday morning, I decided to bring my harp (Camac pedal harp) outside and practice. I wish I’d had a secret camera filming people’s reactions! A few people just walked by like I wasn’t even there. But most people were just blown away. People took pictures. One lady went home and brought her son back so he could see and hear the harp. One couple came twice. Several people asked if we were selling the harp…lol. One man said, “This is the most culturally elite garage sale I’ve ever been to.” Another man said I should be selling my cds…another lol. Anyway, it was an experience.

    daniele-di on #103702

    I`m looking forward to it! especially because it will be my first time out with my harp 😀

    I still have to get over the shyness of playing in front or near other people, and I`m just a beginner and that`s making things worse, but I`m practicing really hard so I will definitely go out with my harp during this spring!

    Do you use particular precautions when out? like not letting the harp too much under the sun or things like that?

    Thanks for your story Susan, that was fun, ahah…I think watching people`s reaction is one of the funniest part of being an harpist! 🙂

    susan-ash on #103703

    I love playing my harp out on the deck….the breeze….the sounds of nature…it changes the entire experience.

    luverne-adamson on #103704

    Hi, i play my hammered dulcimer outside for festivals etc.. and have learned the hard way not to play under trees or in the sun. Obviously the sun is hard on the wood, dries it out, the warming will change your tuning etc.. Worst of all are the tiny invisible droplets of pitch or tree sap that you don’t see until they turn black on your soundboard and harden. Needless to say you don’t want to ruin your harp so stay under some kind of cover, porch, umbrella etc.. Be sure to wipe it down after you come in to remove any residue if you are under any foliage.Having said all that it is a truly splendid experience to play in nature or for folks strolling by. You will love it and they will also!


    A. Riley on #103705

    Yes, I took my little Sharpsicle out on the patio to practice not long ago. The breeze played harmony in the strings, too!

    shelby-m on #103706

    There is only a tiny window of time in the early spring and late fall that I can play outside.

    clh-h on #103707

    I played my harp in a tree once. Pretty high up too. I kept a strap on it the whole time because I was terrified of dropping it. lol.

    clh-h on #103708

    It’s funny how easily people are impressed by the harp. Last Christmas I was taking my harp to my grandparents house, but since Christmas was on Sunday, we were going straight there from church so I was taking my harp out of the trunk after church so I could hold it on my lap while we drove (there’s no way I was leaving it in the trunk while driving) and one of the men from the church saw me getting into the car with it and came over and asked me to play something, so I played a little bit of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and I’m not even much good and was only playing one handed and one string at a time and the guy got the most comical look of awe on his face as though I had just done a virtuoso rendition of some Mozart Symphony. It was pretty hilarious.

    deb-l on #103709

    you played your harp high up in a tree?

    elizabeth-palladino on #103710

    I love to play my Dusty Strings FH26 on our screened porch.

    clh-h on #103711

    Yeah, it’s weird enough for a 20 year old to be climbing trees in the first place. lol. But I like it up there, it’s nice. The perfect place to play a Celtic harp. The only thing marring it was that the neighbor’s dog kept barking at me. lol.

    clh-h on #103712

    Okay, there’s either something wrong with me or my computer because my replies keep replying to the wrong posts.

    deb-l on #103713

    if you click on the post you want to reply to, it will say ‘response to (number)’ next to your reply post, but it doesn’t put your response next
    to the post your replying to, they go in date/time order.

    clh-h on #103714

    Ah, Okay. That explains it.

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