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    unknown-user on #74084

    Hi, does anyone know about the quality of this brand? They are made in China and appear to be cheaper than mainstream brands like Salvi and Camac.I’m interested in the Breton tulip.

    Would I be better off forking out more money for an established brand?

    john Doe on #74085

    Hey Miso.

    I could tell you

    Evangeline Williams on #74086

    I have never heard of Breton being L&H.

    8048-_ on #74087

    I saw Artone in the website. I have an Artone model 40C at home. I am surprised that Artone is made in China as I ordered this from my teacher

    john Doe on #74088

    The Lyon & healy owns Shanghai Harp Music Ltd.

    They are even sold at there Salvi store in Calfornia.

    betsy-paine on #74089

    From what I have heard and learned about the Breton harps, you would be much better off putting your money towards a Dusty Strings Ravenna or another well-made harp instead of one that is poorly constructed and uses “knock-off” levers!

    john Doe on #74090

    There is a reason harps stores will not sell that Junk!

    Feel free to ask them Why!

    Patti Newson on #74091

    I have also heard that the Prelude (Lyons and Healy) are now being made in china.

    Donna O on #74092

    I recently bought a Prelude 40 from Lyon Healy in Chicago and toured the factory where the Preludes were being made, in Chicago not China!

    HBrock25 on #74093

    We have an Artone harp for our now 10 yr old daughter.

    Anne-Elizabeth Logan on #74094

    Need to note that the lever breakages were firstly due to the movers clumsily unpacking her harp and then today the harp slipped from her grasp and another lever broke upon contact with the road.

    saylee14harp on #254400

    for anyone still interested, I have a Breton Jasmine harp and I think its a great little lever harp especially for student harps. It doesn’t have the concert spacing and tension like a prelude lever harp though.

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