Breaking disc arms

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    Sylvia on #191793

    I never seen anyone write in about this. I’ve had several break over the years… a couple on my Aoyama Etude (’89), and one on my LH15 (’71).
    Once I bought a new disc from Aoyama…took two tries to get the right one.
    This time, I did what I did with my LH…just switched a disc I don’t use (B# or E#) with the broken one. I will try to get the replacement so I’ll have it for the next one that breaks.
    So I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a disc arm breaking. Fortunately, mine have happened during practice, not during performance.

    Sylvia on #191797

    No one else has experienced this?

    emma-graham on #192137

    Yes, it happened to my old LH 17 twice. The second time it happened while I was playing for afternoon tea at a posh hotel. The peg flew off and narrowly avoided hitting a guest!! Both times I just ordered a new one from the UK LH dealer and replaced it myself. I got the regulation as good as I could and then had it checked at the next service.

    Sylvia on #192150

    Must have been tricky to keep playing without the disc functioning.

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