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    cornelia l on #211854

    Dear harpists,
    Does anybody have tried out different strings on a Camac Concertharp? We have a Camac Elysee in the orchestra with the usual Camac strings (metal in the bass, gut in the middle and nylon in 1 okt.) – but I find them very tense. My fingertips tend to get really hard after playing longer on Camac. I notice it always a lot when I play on my L&H later. I am thinking about switching the strings to Bow Brand? How would it sound and feel?

    Wish you all a nice day 🙂

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    andy-b on #211866

    I use Bow Brand on my Camac Athena, and on the Clio I had before that. I don’t think there was much difference in tension or feel between them and the original Camac strings, but I like the sound better. I did try the Premier strings on my Athena this year, and while the tension was the same as Bow Brand, I did not like the sound at all on this particular harp.

    catherine-rogers on #211867

    I used Vanderbilt Classic and Bow Brand on my Camac Clio and Trianon and now use Premier Strings. I thought they were all fine and gave me the warm sound I wanted.

    wil-weten on #211959

    I haven’t got personal experience with them, but as you find the Camac classic tension much too hard, maybe the Camac English gauge gut strings would suit you better.

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