Bought a used harp – need help

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    HBrock25 on #156326

    Bought a used John Chambers, Celesial Winds, 22 string lever

    stan-guy on #156327

    Jeannie —

    barbara-brundage on #156328

    If nobody comes along here who can tell you for sure, I’d contact Robinson’s. They know an awful lot about what strings were used by different folk harp makers:

    patricia-jaeger on #156329

    Jeannie, On the internet I found this information, so you could ask Mr. Chambers directly, about harp strings:

    Celestial Wind Handmade Harps, founded in 1986 by John Chambers. 5221 S.E. 171st St, Hawthorne, Florida, 32640-7033. Phone (352) 481 5856, or toll free: 1-888 481 5856.

    Tacye on #156330

    If you can’t find the information and the strings on the harp seem right you can either measure the unstretched ends with a micrometer or snip little bits off, label them up and send to the string supplier to be matched.

    Jeannie Odell on #156331

    Thank you so much Stan.

    Jeannie Odell on #156332

    Hi Patricia,

    I was able to contact John Chambers at the phone number you gave me.

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