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    If you are looking for a resource to assist in the interpretation of music beyond

    what is written on the page then you may be interested in my new book, “A

    Composer?s Guide to Understanding Music with Activities for Listeners,

    Interpreters, and Composers”. After a discussion of musical components from

    the viewpoint of a composer, various activities are presented. Below a few

    samples of the activities that are designed to help interpreters with adding

    something special to their performance.

    From Chapter II ? Timbre – Imagine your or your musician?s part being

    orchestrated. For example, does the line that is being played on trombone

    have the character of a typical bassoon line? If so, try to imitate the sound of a

    bassoon on the trombone. Observe how you change the amplitude over time

    factor of timbre.

    From Chapter X ? Melody – Using a piece of music that you are studying,

    locate the main motifs of the melodies. Observe where the composer

    develops these motives in your music and emphasize the similarities and

    differences in your performance.

    From Chapter XV ? Inspiration – Using a piece of music you are studying, that

    does not have an extra-musical association, create a story line (detailed

    program notes) that you feel is appropriate for the piece. You can even put

    words to important motives. Observe any differences in your performance

    after doing this.

    About the Book:

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