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    A year or so ago there were some bogus emails floating around. … I was wondering if they’ve stopped or if I should be concerned about a request I received the other day. … I got nervous because the writer asked for my location and phone number which could probably be used to get other personal/financial info. … any thoughts?


    They never stop. Don’t answer such e-mails. If the language is too formal, if they are foreign, it is spam.

    barbara kraichy

    I’ve been receiving such e-mails. Usually the spelling is bad as well as the punctuation. The first one I received, I answered and with further correspondence, I started to see “Red Flags.” I took the e-mails to my bank manager and was told it was a scam.


    In the “my account” section, there’s a way to make your email invisible to other forum users.


    Yes, I take this precaution also. However, if you request notification for certain topics, you may have noticed that when it is sent to you it contains the email

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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