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    unknown-user on #88477

    For those who are French-speaking musicians, discover the 1st

    biography about one of the greatest harpists of the XIXth century,

    Nicolas BOCHSA.His life is a series of adventures (not only musical

    ones…). Born in France, he spent most of his life in the UK and in

    the US before dying …in Australia in 1856 !

    unknown-user on #88478

    When is someone going to make a movie about him, or a play, and who will portray him? He should start his harp lessons now.

    unknown-user on #88479

    A confirmation of previous message ! Michel Faul has published “the mexican adventures of Nicolas-Charles Bochsa, the harpist” (in French) (les tribulations mexicaines de Nicolas-Charles Bochsa, harpiste), another illustration of the eccentric life of the maestro :

    unknown-user on #88480

    Please try and have an English translation made.

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