Blowing off Eastern Shore steam!

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    kay-lister on #105933

    I’m playing a wedding tomorrow and THANK GOD the ceremony is inside!

    Brandee Younger on #105934

    Ouch!! Can you ask to be in the doorway? Or ask for an umbrella?

    kay-lister on #105935

    Oh, I’m not playing the outside portion.

    Brandee Younger on #105936

    OOOOOH! Whew!

    Misty Harrison on #105937

    Wyoming isn’t that bad but I know harpists in Arizona and Utah that play in high temperatures all summer outside

    they always tell me they can’t imagine a bride putting her guests through that

    alice-freeman on #105938

    Yeah, Wyoming isn’t that bad. Highest EVER recorded temperature in Laramie is 94º F and then the humidity was probably about 15%. Our problem is not so much high temperatures as 20-30 mph breezes that will blow a harp over, or at least create so much sound through the strings that it drowns out the un-amplified officiant.
    — Alice in windy Wyoming

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