Blevins Riversong for beginner?

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    Ada Prince on #253106

    I’m very new to the harp (about 4 weeks in) and am currently practicing on a Troubadour II. Overall I like the sound but the higher notes sound a bit plinky to me. I am loving learning the harp and I’m doing research on buying my own harp. I have a few harps I’m going to try out before deciding for sure.
    My dilemma: I absolutely love every single sample I’ve heard of Blevins Riversong. I understand that recorded samples don’t compare to testing in person, but I don’t have any options to test it out in person. It’s too far away and the local harp centers doesn’t have any Blevins available. Has anyone played on the Blevins Riversong? If so, is the in-person sound comparable to what Blevins posts on their website? Any general feedback from someone who’s played a Riversong?

    charles-nix on #253108

    You need to be aware that everything about the Blevins and the Troubadour are likely to be/feel/sound different. The Troub is strung with pedal gauge/tension and graduated spacing. The Blevins is light gauge/tension.

    What you need to consider is your goals for the harp.

    And in-person is the only way to tell. Harps will sound different under different hands/techniques. You need to know how a harp will sound under your hands.

    wil-weten on #253109

    Hi Ada, I completely agree with charles-nix.
    Also, the sound of a recording also depends on the way the harp is recorded and perhaps edit a bit afterwards and also on the acoustics of the room the harps is played in.

    I don’t know the L&H Troubadour II, but the highest notes of all L&H lever harps I have ever tried sounded fuller than all other lever harps I managed to lay my hands on.
    You may like to know that on all harps I played on, the higher strings need to be played with more force than the lower strings and that it will take some time to learn and let them sound great.

    You may like to know that Blevins harps are no longer made by Mr. Dwight Blevins himself as he retired in 2018. Blevins harps are being built under new ownership now. For more information, have a look at:’s%20humble%20beginning,and%20purchased%20the%20Blevins%20brand.

    Ada Prince on #253110

    Thank you for the replies. I’m still trying out different harps. Planning on trying out L&H Drake next week, and after that a Webster and a Lewis Creek. Just not having any luck finding a Blevins to try out anywhere that doesn’t require a multi-day road trip.

    It’s very probable the plinkiness I’m hearing is my vast inexperience and I’ll be working with my teacher to focus on better technique to get better sounds on the higher notes.

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