Blevins harps

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    Minnesota Harpist on #72686

    I am planning to purchase a second, lighter weight harp to travel with and perhaps someday do harp therapy with.

    sherry-lenox on #72687

    Here’s a vote for the Avee 36. They sound very nice and are not too hard to move with a shoulder strap.

    My teacher, a pedal harpist, also likes the sound, and of course when she plays it it sounds much better than when I do.

    I also like the leg set up for convenience.

    By looks, I love the Aspen and the Louvre also, but the Avee is the one I play.

    Good luck!

    tonie-ogimachi on #72688

    I have a Blevins Lyra 22 that I take on my small boat in Alaska, during the summer commercial salmon season.

    stan-guy on #72689

    Hi, Carol —

    Minnesota Harpist on #72690

    Thanks so much for the replys.

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