Blevins Avee 34 vs Grand Harpsicle

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    lillian-hui on #77342

    Which one i should buy??!!

    robert-hanson on #77343

    The Grand Harpsicle is meant to be an electric harp but has the option to be played acoustically. The electronics are the highest quality MiSi preamp/L.R. Baggs pickup, the type used in large arena venues. It won’t pickup outboard noise or hand sounds. It comes with full levers and their new levers are every bit as good as Truitts. A testament to the Grand are those that play it: Grammy harpist Marta Cook, R&B artist Lyrica Holmes, super latin harpist Carlo Reyes etc. At the price of $1700 I have no idea how they can do it.
    The Avee was built in response to the Grand. But it has no pickup, comes with the old plastic handled Loveland levers and costs more. If you want comparable levers, (Tuitts) you have to add another $800.
    Neither have a great acoustic sound though their are some players who think it’s just fine.

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