Blevins and Dusty Strings

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    HBrock25 on #162748

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve read a lot on these pages as I prepare to buy my first harp! I’ve played the piano for many years and finally have saved up enough for a harp – a longtime dream.

    I’m still on a budget, though, and that’s why I’m asking your advice! I’m looking to get a 34 or 36 string, and am thinking of the DS Ravenna 34 or one of the Blevins harps – the BlevinSong, MeadoWind, Glenwood or Avee (so many to choose from!).

    I’ve had the chance to play only the Ravenna, and I like it, but some of the Blevins harps are lighter (portability is important to me). I know that they’re all fine harps, so since I’m unable to try the Blevins in person, I was wondering if anyone out there might be able to give me some feedback on the Blevins and the Ravennas. Differences in tone? The Ravenna looks like it has a bigger soundboard – does that make a bigger sound? What are some of the major differences among all those Blevins models?

    I think I can’t go wrong with either and am just looking for some feedback since I’ve seen a lot of great advice here. Any observations are welcome – thanks!

    unknown-user on #162749

    i own both a Blevins Espre 36 and a Dusty Ravenna 26.

    unknown-user on #162750

    Hi Madelyn.

    I have both a Blevins Consort 36

    jean-mac on #162751

    I have a Dusty Strings Allegro-26 which I really like, but wanting to upgrade.

    Madelyn M on #162752

    Thanks to all for your good and thoughtful advice! I think that I’ll probably end up going for one of the Blevins “deals.” I’m excited :-)

    unknown-user on #162753


    Madelyn M on #162754

    Thanks all. My Blevins harp arrived yesterday and it’s lovely in sound and appearance! I got a MeadoSong fully levered from the discount page, and the price was very reasonable. Dwight and Cindy were also friendly and helpful. It’s acclimating to its new climate right now :o) I’m excited for the journey ahead.

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