blades for the wire-strung harp

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    HBrock25 on #72335

    I’m having a harp built for me.

    It will be a small clarsach harp, built after a historical model and will be strung with bronze strings. I decided to have blades on them. It’s not historical correct, but the harp will be a match between the old and new ways I hope.

    I know of the Peter Brough levers, crossing between levers and blades, but I would like the blades/levers to look as if they existed centuries ago too.

    There will be no bridge pins. The blades will be close to the tuning pins.

    I read about the Woldsong-frets, they are nice-looking, very basic, and don’t need any maintenance, but the colour silver I saw is wrong, they should be made of brass or bronze. They look big to, my harp will only be about 90 cm of height. Also I can find nothing about wether they are suited for wire/metal strings. Triplett blades with celtic motives are to fancy on a historical looking harp.

    Does anyone has an idea about what blades there are, if they are any good, and would fit on a historical model harp?

    Harriet van der Putt on #72336

    it seems to be very difficult to find blades.

    I took a more close look at the Triplett blades, and changed my mind.

    I will try to find out if truitts can be fixed on a small wire-harp, and see what the possibilities of the Triplett blades are. I have no space for bridgepins, so it will be difficult.

    I have a beautiful Triplett Catalina, so I know the quality

    of their harps levers is very good.

    Truitt levers are beautiful, but I.m afraid I’ll need bridgepins.

    Is there anyone with some experience in these levers/blades?

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