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    emily-granger on #168006

    Hello! I was needing to make a decision on what summer courses I
    should attend.

    unknown-user on #168007

    I would choose the oone that has the most oppurtunites to play with good teachers and
    which has a good reputation. For more musicality I would definately go to the Interlochen
    Summer Camp because in such a long period of time you can really gain a lot. They all
    sound pretty good to me, it lies mainly by yourself, which you feel is the best, concerning
    how many people get accepted and the teachers and reputation and such.

    unknown-user on #168008

    Interlochen Arts Camp provides a fantastic opportunity to play orchestral repertoire.

    unknown-user on #168009

    Hi Emily!

    unknown-user on #168010

    Oh and one more thing, lessons! During your 2 week stay you
    recieve several lessons. Both instructors (Kim Rowe and Susan
    Bennett Brady) are wonderfull! I took from Kim for 2 years and
    improved a HUGE amount under her instruction. Last year I took
    from Susan during the seminar who is one of the best teachers I
    have taken from. Both teachers are AMAZING and you get to take
    a masterclass with the teacher that you are not taking from
    during the seminar.

    Jennifer Ellis on #168011

    I would like to support Madeline.

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