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    I just wanted to bring everyone’s attention to a few scams that are

    going around on the internet lately.

    I’ve spoken with many colleagues who teach various instruments, and

    have experienced this myself as well.


    I just received another one of these “requests” and thought I would post it so everyone can recognize them.

    Dear Friend,

    I am mr williams jeff and i saw your advert on internet. My daughter is interested in learning the piano as mentioned by

    you and I am happy with your area of specialty.

    She will be in by the 1st week in june and will be

    returning home by November so,I will want you to help me

    in lessoning her an hour,2X a week on playing the Piano.

    I will like to know your exact location and avail me of

    your telephone numbers too.

    So,please calculate the total cost from 2nd week in june to

    the last week of November to me.


    When I saw this posting, I couldn’t believe it, but, sure enough, I have been getting e-mails

    from someone with atrocious grammar, who won’t take no for an answer. Has anyone

    been charged with fraud yet?


    If you get these e-mails, you can alert abuse@yahoo or abuse@hotmail, and let them know

    that their services are being used for criminal purposes. For example, if the person’s e-

    mail address is, then you would contact


    The police are very aware of these types of fraud. To report in Canada, forward the e-

    mails to I don’t know who you would report to in the States, but

    it’s a good idea to shut these guys down, so please report them, even if you haven’t lost

    any money.

    Muriel Denoix-Eaton

    A friend of mine also got this kind of offer described above.

    There is also another scam going on, which seems to target music and foreign language teachers:


    My teacher was


    The scam continues.


    Hi Karen,
    I received the same letter from the gentleman in Spain yesterday
    asking me to teach his child BAGPIPES. He must think
    harpists are truly multi-faceted!


    I remember hearing about these scams from another harpist.

    Jessica Frost

    I’ve been receiving a few of these emails but I also wanted to warn you of another type I got a few days ago.


    I’m not sure if this is spam or not or legit, but it does seem spurious, as it requires no credentials whatsoever to be listed as a teacher.

    We represent and .
    We saw your site and interested in a link exchange.
    Our offer is a 3 way link: you link to and we link to
    you on (PageRank 5).

    Last thing is we would like our link to look like
    teach [title] address]
    teach [description]

    or you can use this code to do it quickly:

    just copy and paste into your links page

    <a href="“>teach –
    teach anything

    Have a great day and we look forward in doing business
    with you, in
    the very near future,

    Nick Johnson


    I checked its ledgit.


    oh my god thats really scary .

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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