Best/safest financial arrangements when selling/shipping harp

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    Mary Ellen Huber on #177729

    We are beginning the process of selling a used harp. Any advice how best to handle the transfer of the money and the harp so that both parties are protected? Aside from cash, what is the safest method to receive payment (bank check? etc) Do most buyers pick up the harp or is shipping expected?

    patricia-jaeger on #178115

    What worked for me was the escrow system: the buyer asks the seller to request an officer at the seller’s bank to receive a check from the buyer for the agreed full price after a shipping cost(often split between buyer and seller)has been determined. The buyer then sends the check to that bank officer, who then notifies the seller that it has arrived at the bank, but holds it in custody. The seller then ships the harp to the buyer. When the buyer has received the shipment and feels it is as advertised, and wants to keep it, the buyer notifies the bank officer to that effect so the funds can be released to the seller. If for some reason the buyer is not satisfied with the instrument, buyer ships back the harp to the seller and the check is returned to the buyer by that bank. This satisfies both parties but clearly by telephone or other means, there needs to be friendly discussion about which party pays for the rejected harp if this happens. These days there may be a more efficient way to sell a harp long distance; I did this more than 20 years ago. Perhaps someone with better knowledge will chime in and post here.

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