Best Way to Move my harp cross crounty

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    unknown-user on #148117

    Hello All! I am a harpist living in Ohio. I will be moving to Austin Texas in a couple of months. I have never moved this far and have no idea how to get my harp down there in one piece. I was hoping you could write in and share you stories of moving a harp this far.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #148118

    Do you have a car you carry your harp around in? When I visited Louisville KY from Detroit, I just put it in my car like I do when I’m taking it to a gig.

    Fairy Reel on #148119

    Car is good. Just remember: don’t leave it in a hot car for more than an hour TOPS. A harp cannot handle extreme temperatures.

    If you don’t have the whole kit and kaboodle of the column cover, base cover, etc., slap on the dust cover and surround with quilts and pillows under the three pressure points. How often do you move your harp?

    catherine-rogers on #148120

    No, no! Never leave your harp in a hot car for ANY length of time and certainly not an hour! Remember, if you’re comfortable, your harp will be comfortable. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your harp. That goes for pets, too. Find a place in the shade to park if you must, even if it means paying to park in a hotel garage, etc. And lock the car!

    Kara Dahl Russell on #148121

    Here’s my “moving with the harp” story:

    In late Dec./early Jan. of last year (remember all the freaky snowstorms?) I moved/drove from Los Angeles to the eastern shore of MD — in a camper-van(RamF350);

    patricia-jaeger on #148122


    There is a product called a Space Blanket, and Sylvia Woods Harp Center knows about them. In “two or three months” when you plan to transport your harp in your car, see if you can cover your harp with one of these, to reflect heat away from the harp.

    Kara Dahl Russell on #148123

    I’m not the one moving… Rose is…. I was just relating my moving yarn, as she requested.

    Jessica A on #148124

    Looks like Rose moved quite a while ago, since she wrote this

    shelby-m on #148125

    If it makes you feel better, all this will be helpful when I go to college next year and I have to think about how to bring my harp… I hope I still have only one harp by then.

    harp guy on #148126

    This certainly was good information. I’m considering moving to Pasadena Ca from Kentucky in the next year or two and I’ve been wondering how I’m going to get my harp out there….

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