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    julie-hussar on #187981

    I’m wondering if folks would chime in about the best portable music stand they have found for use with a pedal harp.
    Due to aging eyes I need the stand fairly close and have found that with both of the rather expensive stands I have purchase I have difficulty positioning the tripod legs so they don’t interfere with the D pedal.
    Any suggestions before I spend more money One of the stands I have is K & M heavy duty which is a great stand in many ways the other is a hmm does not have a brand name one it. Suffice to say the legs get in the way on both.

    susan-ash on #187987

    Being in the same position with my eyes, I have 2 suggestions that worked for me:
    Complicated and expensive but truly took care of the eye problem. I got prescription bi-focals made for only 2 distances. The doctor called them “executive” bi-focals because the bottom portion is large and extends the entire bottom width of the lenses. I measured the distance required to see the music with the stand placed at a typical distance from the harp (that is the top portion of the glasses) from which I see middle C and below as well; and the bottom lens is a distance which allows me to see the strings in the higher octaves.
    Before I could afford the glasses….I did not splay the legs of the stand out the entire distance. The portable stand I have (no name), allows me to stop the legs before they are open the entire length and that gives the stand a much smaller footprint and is still sturdy enough.
    Just some suggestions.

    Andelin on #188002

    Does “portable” mean collapsible? I have one collapsible stand that I got a long time ago–probably 10 years. It is sturdy–it can hold a binder full of music. It is usable still, but many of the screws won’t stay tight so it wobbles–I definitely wouldn’t take it anywhere unless I had absolutely no other choice. I don’t know the brand. I do the same as Susan–I don’t fully extend the legs outward so the legs are at a steeper angle and take up less floor space.

    I recently replaced it with a Manhasset music stand. It is not really collapsible, but it is lighter and not too bulky. I don’t have a pedal harp so I can’t speak to the non-interference with the d pedal, but the legs holding it up are close to the ground, so I would imagine it would work well. If i sit at my prelude, I can bring the stand close to myself and keep the legs far enough away from where a d pedal would be.

    Of course, if you need collapsible, this is no help to you, but I’ll put it out there anyway.

    Perhaps if you posted a picture of your problem? That might help with suggestions.

    Good luck.

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