Best Music Stand Light?

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    argyleeyes on #210820

    Hello! Many of you may have seen my recent post, asking about the best music stands. (you can visit this topic here: )

    I also would love to hear your recommendations on the best clip-on lights for your music stand. I am looking for a sturdy light with adjustable light brightness (bright, soft, and in between)



    Gretchen Cover on #210825

    Mighty Bright Orchestra light Plus, I have led lights attached on my concert grands. You can buy a light kit from Musicmakers

    harpissimo on #220178

    You might check out the Aria Forte, which a number of pro harpists I know use.

    The light is strong all the way to the bottom of the page while not being too bright on top. I like that it keeps the light out of the audience’s eyes. Its rechargeable through USB and runs for 8 or more hours on full brightness. You can choose whatever brightness you like with the dimmer knob, too.

    Gretchen Cover on #220179

    Nice lights. Thanks for letting HC members know. Too bad they don’t work with an iPad. I have not used sheet music for five years.

    Participant on #222406

    Aria Forte. Hands down the best and I’ve tried so many.

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