Best Masters programs for harp (pedagogy)

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    alyssafaithhall on #244897

    Hi guys! I’m graduating with my Bachelor’s in harp performance this coming year, which means I’m going to be applying to grad schools this fall and winter! But I’m really not sure where to look into for the best programs, other than the obvious (Julliard, Eastman, Peabody, Manhattan, etc). Because I’m a performance undergrad, I’d really love to get my Masters in pedagogy, which I’m finding is not a common degree program offered just anywhere…if you guys have any thoughts on good instrumental (harp) pedagogy Master’s programs, I’d love to hear them!

    Thanks so much!! 🙂

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #250729

    I think this is in the wrong forum, but I think the best teacher is more important than the most famous school. A great teacher will be able to teach you pedagogy. Feel free to contact me for personal advice.

    paul-knoke on #250736

    Have you checked the Crane School of Music it Potsdam, N. Y.?

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #253104

    I would look into Baldwin-Wallace, University of Michigan, any other school in Ohio, the schools in Boston, there really are quite a few choices besides the “obvious.” One of the questions to consider is, where do you see yourself living and working in the future, and are you likely to get a degree beyond a master’s? If you are focused on teaching, do you want to go on to a DMA?

    erin-wood on #256023

    I am not sure if degrees are offered specifically for pedagogy.
    I received my MM from Indiana University and got a cognate (similar to a minor) in pedagogy. Ela Szymyt is one of the best teachers I have ever observed and she would be a wonderful person to learn pedagogy from. University of Illinois Urbana CHampagne and UNT are also great harp departments.

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