best dolly for stairs

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    dittyb on #173915

    Hello all.
    Apologies if this topic has been gone over before, but I can’t seem to find a straight answer.
    I have a 9-step stoop up to my first floor music room. I live alone and I am able to get my Venus Premier down the stairs and into the car with a basic two wheel harp cart (10″ wheels). The problem is when I return home, I can’t get the harp UP and into the house. It’s like the wheels are too small and the steps are too deep and I can’t get the force I need to hoist up over the step.
    I’m tired of asking my neighbors and friends to help me up every time I have a session or show. I owe a lot of people favors, and if no one is around when I get home, I have to leave my harp in the car until they are–NOT an optimal situation. So my question is, WHICH cart, if any, will make it possible for a 5’2″ fit/strong woman to move her harp up stairs on her own? I hear the three wheel ones are good for going up stairs, but really bad for going down and turning. Would a pair of 12.5″ pneumatic tires give me the leverage I need?
    I’ve been shopping for a cart and hear “I can’t live without it” etc., and I know there are some good carts out there, but if it doesn’t make it possible for me to do this on my own, I can just stick with the one I have.
    Thanks so much guys.

    Sylvia on #175612

    There have been lots of comments about this, but I see no one has answered, so I’ll say it, though to some it might seem negative.
    I would say that if you own the house and plan to keep living there, put in a ramp. Perhaps a carpenter could construct a temporary one.

    The reason I say this is that though you say you are strong, and you are probably still young, everyone gets older, and there are occasional health problems that turn up for most people. That is why I would advise you to look to the future and make yourself comfortable so you can be independent with your harp. Your neighbors must be nice, but sometimes neighbors move away, and even if they don’t, harp moving might be an imposition….one they really don’t want.

    BTW, I have a 3-wheeler, and it is heavy. Great for curbs and such, but I would not do 9 steps with it, especially on a regular basis.

    dittyb on #175640

    Thanks for your insight, Sylvia. Unfortunately, a ramp isn’t plausible because I don’t own the house. I was searching for a more temporary solution.

    Sylvia on #175706

    Is there any other entrance you could use? …maybe rolling thru the house and out another door?

    erin-wood on #176025

    I have a harp caddy. It is a three wheeled one and it goes up the stairs great. I can go up 9 steps on my own, though I would hate to be doing it every time i moved the harp. I have no problems turning and it doesn’t seem heavier then the 2 wheeled ones. I much prefer the handles on mine.

    Tacye on #176093

    I have an old 3 wheeler and lived up a flight of stairs for a couple of years – got a bit boring, but with good technique (use your leg muscles!) I could get my CG up by myself. I can also do stairs fine with big single wheels. The differences for me are the 3 wheel can be a bit awkward on shallow steps, up or down. On the other hand I have met stairs with such narrow treads that I would not be able to rest a large wheel and feel stable to take a breather.

    Also make very sure your handles or handle cover can’t pull off!

    dittyb on #176226

    Thank you erin-wood and Tacye. So helpful!

    emma-graham on #177953

    I’m not a fan of the three wheelers. I always move my harp by myself, often with steps involved. I swear by large, pneumatic wheels. My trolley was custom designed and built by my Dad so is unique, but the Harpo is pretty good. There is some video of it here.

    Although the video shows two people going up the stairs, it isn’t really necessary. I actually find it harder with help because the second person will often lift the harp rather than just letting it roll over each step.
    I don’t have a problem stopping halfway up.

    dittyb on #178116

    Thanks Emma! I do feel like the hardest part of moving the harp is convincing others NOT to help, which is why I need an independent solution. You settled it for me.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #183209

    The larger wheels are not large enough to help that much, and it is very hard on the back to be above it, lifting the harp up each step. You are better off laying a rug over the steps, taking it off the dolly, and hauling it up. With a rug down, if you stop to put the base down and rest, it won’t be hurt. And you’ll avoid damaging the point.

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