Berio Sequenza II

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    HBrock25 on #148047

    Has any one performed Berio’s Sequenza II for harp? I am writing a paper for a Modern Music History Class on it and wanted another harpist’s opinion of the piece. In some of the literature I am reading they talk about conflict between the performer and instrument and challenging harpist’s stereotypical musical identity? Any thoughts? Also if you have learned this piece, how was the learning process? Any information you’d like to share about the piece would be appreciated.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #148048

    The harpists I know of who have performed it are Marcella DeCray, Nina Kellman, and Alice Giles, whom, I believed, worked on it with the composer. I looked at it, and it seems to me that it can be written in traditional rhythmic notation, and would, then, cease to be mysterious and be rather playable.

    catherine-rogers on #148049

    I think Susan Jolles, Erica Goodman and Anna Verkholantseva have performed it. Have you seen this article?

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