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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a couple of questions regarding the two references in my post title.
    I saw some postings on the classifieds from Harps International advertising new and used harp accessories, their rental program and their business etc…

    1. Have any of you done business with them? Their website (or the one that I’ve found before) seems outdated and doesn’t provide a lot of info. I’m just curious if anyone has had good/bad experiences to share w/ this company. I was possibly considering buying a harpcart from them which leads me to…

    2. Has anyone heard of a Berger Harpmobile??? I’m getting really frustrated with this because I’ve searched online and also on HC. All I could find was people mentioning Berger wheels, which I couldn’t even find online? Does anyone know of a Berger Harpmobile or have reviews of one? Or a picture or something? And what are Berger wheels and are they some sort of special item?

    Also wanted to note, I have contacted them myself but I’m awaiting an email response.

    Any response provided is much appreciated


    Hi, Tracey —

    The Berger Harp Mobile is a set of wheels that clamp onto the base of the harp. To attach them, the harp is tipped forward, the axel is slipped behind the feet, and clamps are hand-tightened to the base. The clamps are well-padded, and it’s a very stable set up. I much prefer them to a trolley.

    Steve Berger designed the Harp Mobile for his wife, Robieburr. (I have the privilege of owning Robieburr’s L&H CG 2000, which her family sold after she passed away.) Mr. Berger passed his manufacturing secrets on to his daughter, Dr. Karen E. Berger. She has been constructing them, upon request, since 2000 and they come with a 100% guarantee. She can be reached at

    Please check with Dr. Berger about whether the wheels will fit the base of your harp. They fit the CG 2000, but they don’t fit my L&H Troubadour II.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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