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    Does anybody know where I can find the harp part for Berg Violin Concerto?
    Thank you.


    I have an authorised copy into which I have reworked some enharmonics. The publisher is UE – Universal Edition who were in Paddock Wood, Kent UK when provided me with a one-off harp part , although it says printed in Austria, which makes sense. It’s a tall narrow part so I could scan it onto A3 if copywrite laws permit; I assume it’s out of c/w by now as he must have died in 1936-7, but having checked I see that only the full score has been uploaded there. Perhaps try I used berg and violinkonzert as search terms and found it myself for the complete orchestral set. Do ask me again if you are still stuck and give me your email address.


    Thank you so much!!


    Berg Violin Concerto

    In the U.S. the work is Under Copyright as the work was published in 1936.. There are two publications:
    1. Berg, Alban 1 (b Vienna, 9 Feb 1885; d Vienna, 24 Dec 1935). Austrian
    Concerto, Violin
    2[1/pic.2/pic] 2[1.2/Eh] 4[1.2.3/asx.bcl] 3[] — 4 2 2[1.btbn] 1 — tmp+2 — hp — str
    perc: bd w/ cym, cym, sus cym, sd, tri, tamtam, gong
    I. Andante – Allegretto 9′
    II. Allegro – Adagio 13′
    Breitkopf corrected edition by Michael Kube. Due to copyright reasons, the orchestral material (PB/OB) is not available in France, Spain, and U.S.A.! Score and parts are for sale for use in all other countries.

    2. Universal original edition orchestra parts on rental from EAMDLLC, NY NY.
    Edition type: study score for Sale.
    Edited by: Jarman Douglas
    Order number: UE34119
    Edition info: Based on the text of the Critical Edition
    Series: Neue Studienpartituren-Reihe
    2. a Title: Series 1: Musical Works, Volume 5: Concertos, Part 2: Violin Concerto
    Volume: I/5,2
    Subtitle: Complete Works edited by the Alban Berg Foundation/ UE
    Scored for: for violin and orchestra
    Language: German; English
    Edition type: Full Size Score, Only available as part of the Complete Edition.
    Edited by: Jarman Douglas, Stephan Rudolf, Busch Regina, Stephan Rudolf, Busch Regina, Ertelt Thomas F.
    Order number: UE18155B
    Edition info: Only available as part of the Complete Edition.
    [Orchestra parts on rental only]
    For the U.S.: European American Music Distributors LLC [Schott/Universal Edition/Barenrieter/Lehar]
    EAM Materials will be shipped to arrive six (6) weeks prior to the first date of performance, unless contracted for a term in excess of six (6) weeks. (Materials usually ship eight (8) weeks prior to the first performance date). For orchestra Librarians the EAM rental quote, rental order and grand rights forms can be found at

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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