Bench backpacks

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    Gretchen Cover on #201666

    In helping a harpist find a transport cover, I found out Four Seasons Harp Covers now offers a gig bench back pack in three sizes. You fold your gig bench, put it in the bag and carry it as a backpack.  They have the measurements on the website so you can figure out if your gig bench will fit into the bag.

    Sylvia on #201708

    I have a length of rope with ends tied together (as in a circle).  I fold my bench, hook the rope over one end of the bench legs, and hook the other side of the rope over the top of the harp.  I hang my harp bag over the other side of the top of the harp.  No need to buy anything or wear a backpack…a piece of old clothesline does just fine.

    Barbara on #208308

    How clever though!

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