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    unknown-user on #166457

    Hi everyone, i ve been trying to find Bella’s Lullaby (river flows in you) from the first twilight movie…. does anyone have it for the harp?


    HBrock25 on #166458

    Hi! I thought I should let you know that River flows in you is a composition for piano by Yiruma (a very famous South Korean pianist and composer). I believe the Bella’s Lullaby is composed by someone else. But anyways, since River flows in you is a piano piece you can EASILY play it on harp! I’ll be more than happy to e-mail you the piano sheet music and you can mark the pedal changes, etc. Or you can simply type Yiruma river flows in you in google and free pdf file should come up. I love almost all of Yiruma’s compositions! It’s so melodic and beautiful. Good luck!!!

    laura-palmieri on #166459

    I just went to my music store and had to buy the Twilight piano book. It has Bella’s lullaby in it. It’s not too difficult but it’s a very different melody from Yirma’s (River Flows in You).

    zach-hatcher on #166460

    hi rosie, They have piano arrangements that are easy to transcribe because of minimal chromatics. You can find them for free online if you really look


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