Beginner Christmas Music for Harp

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    Easy-late beginner. Christmas solos or collections for solo harp? Favorites?

    wil-weten on #230408

    Start with this Google question:


    And then you will find lots of great Christmas music for the harp and tips to play them.

    Veronika on #230409

    I remember having a problem trying to find something suitable. You might want to have a look at piano arrangements, they are often playable on the harp and there is a lot more choice.

    andy-b on #230412

    If you’re looking at easy/late beginner, Sylvia Woods’ 50 Christmas Carols for all Harps is a staple. It comes either hard copy or PDF, and has two arrangements of each carol.


    wil-weten on #230414

    Agree with andy-b. Many moons ago, I started playing Woods’ album with Christmas songs when I just had a couple of months of harp lessons. I still like them.

    I love Suzanne Guldimann’s 3 Christmas albums for the lap harp even more. They are nicely arranged and contain both well-known, as well as less well-known Christmas songs.

    tanyanoel on #230426

    I definitely agree with Andy’s post above of the 50 Christmas Carols arr by Sylvia Woods! That is a great Christmas book to have is full of lovely easy to play arrangements!

    In addition, on of my favorites is from another collection of hers – I love the Silver Bells arrangement from her ‘Four Holiday Favorites’. It has Silver Bells ( so pretty), Frosty the Snowman, Let it Snow and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (another of my favorites to play!).

    Biagio on #230444

    All good suggestions, here’s another: Cynthia Shelhart’s “Tunes to Go – 400 Tunes in Lead Sheet Format”. I’ve not counted the number of Christmas tunes but there must be well over a dozen out of the 400 popular tunes.

    Lead sheet format is nice – depending on your ability and venue you can arrange to suit and this also makes it easy to change the key if you don’t want to use what Cynthia indicates.

    tanyanoel on #230447

    Biago!!!!!! I had not heard of that book of lead sheets before, so as a side note I am so glad you mentioned it I just purchased it and what a treasure trove of music it is!!!!

    emma-graham on #230450

    There are some lovely Christmas arrangements at music discoveries by Anne Crosby Gaudet. They are all viewable as a pdf preview and have videos so you can hear the whole thing before buying.
    Christmas Music

    For real beginners my students enjoy this book a lot.

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    Thanks everyone for the titles!

    Jodi Ann Tolman on #233110

    I have some that may interest you. Particularly my “Away in a Manger & Silent Night Medley” which is simple yet beautiful. Sample lines of music and full videos are shown:

    -Jodi Ann Tolman

    Gretchen Cover on #233168

    Cindy Blevins www,

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