Beginner Christmas music for harp and violin

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    j-valentine on #156712

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a Christmas piece to perform with a young student violinist and a beginner harper?

    Thanks so much

    barbara-brundage on #156713

    Patricia Jaeger’s 20 Christmas Carols, arranged for harp and from one treble instrument up to a string quartet, suitable for either lever or pedal harp:

    j-valentine on #156714

    That was quick. Thank you so much. That looks great. I so appreciate your help.

    Stephen Conor on #156715

    How bout the traditional Christmas songs? Are you looking for a recital piece or just a piece to teach them? Oh Holy Night and medleys can work for violin music or as a beginner harp piece.

    j-valentine on #156716

    Well…. I ordered the 20 Carols book and was really stressing as the time is close.

    We met yesterday afternoon and it all worked out. We are playing for a Christmas Concert with many people involved but they are making us a string ensemble for our presentation with 2 violins, a viola and cello that are well seasoned musicians plus the six year old and myself.

    The music director picked two songs from my music and wrote a very simple part for the six year old on the spot. The six year old and I practiced and when we all practice next week the rest of them will just improvise, embellish, etc.

    I am very excited as this is my first time out with my harp in public.

    Thank you all for your help.

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